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I'm Everything You Always Wanted In A Goddess...

What's up losers. Glad to see you figured out how to work the internet. Well, now that you're here I guess I'll tell you why you're here. You are here to be my scum sucking, dirty little pay-pig! You knew that already though didn't you? Why else would you have been searching for a smokin' hot girl (that you could never have) who loves to humiliate tiny dick bitches like you?

I'll go ahead and tell you though, if you're a cheap bastard, don't waste my fucking time. I'm on here for the money and I've got better shit to do than waste my life entertaining you. I'm not here to fulfill your fucking goofy, twisted, weirdo fantasies. I'm here so I can afford to do all the fun shit I like to do. I'm here so YOU can pay for ME to go out to clubs and drive nice ass cars and pretty much live the life you wish you could be a part of (but don't ever think you could possibly be part of this's not meant for guys like you lol).

If you are a broke ass faggot, then keep on truckin baby, cause I got no time for fuckers like you. Now, all you sissy bitches with money, step to the front of the line. We're going to have us a wonderful time. Well...I am anyway lol. I am going to drain your bank account and have fun doing it. I'm going to embarass you. I'm going to ridicule you. I am going to become your only reason for existence. You will beg me for mercy before we are through.

You're in big trouble, you just don't know it yet. I'm going to take it all and you're gonna be stuck trying to explain to the little wifey why you've been blowing all your cash on your new online goddess, Cruel Chloe.  It'd be priceless to watch you squirm...and probably cry. "Oh, honey! Umm, I didn't mean to blabla, I love you blabla.." Fucking pitiful loser pussy lol!!  ~Fuck you, Love Chloe

You're probably already jerking your little dick aren't you? That's sad's just my bio.  Get a fuckin' life!

Name: Chloe (duh!)

Age: 23 years old

Hometown: Cloud 69, Sunny California

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Body Type: Your wildest wet dream

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 110

Cup size: B

Shoe size: 6.5

Sexual preference: Bisexual

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Stuff I like to do in my spare time:
Spend your fuckin' money...


I get all kinds of emails from members and other pathetic losers who, basically, are just looking for an email back to them from me so they can feel all warm and fuzzy inside because I noticed them or something.  Here's a clue's not because I care ;-)  I usually don't answer emails from guys in cyberspace, but once in a while, when I'm feeling especially nasty, I'll fuck with their heads a bit.  I love giving you bastards just enough rope to hand yourselves with.  I think it's hilarious honestly.  Some of the sad shit that comes out of you guys' mouths is just amazing.