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My Videos Are Going To Be Your Life From Now On!

These are how my videos look.  They are all shot by me most of the time.  Sometimes I'll get one of my boy toys or sexy girlfriends to shoot them, but for the most part, I do all my own shooting and producing.  Most of my videos are available in HD quality**, so you can always be up close and personal with your evil angel, Cruel Chloe.  Anyway, check out my sample trailers below for an example of what you can expect in my site.

Masturbating Mistress - Solo with big purple vibe...

Mmm, this video is going to be one that you fuckers cherish! You get to see my sexy little shaved kitty while I fuck myself with a huge vibrator. Take a look at the vibrator really close while you watch this video. THAT is what I want crammed inside my wet pussy, NOT your pathetic, pinky sized cock! I only let real men fuck my tight twat silly...

Peeping Tom!  God you're a real fucking PERVERT!...

Standing at my window, jerking your pitiful dick while you watch me change my outfits? How creepy are you? I bet you'd love to stand there in the shadows with your pud pulled out, stroking it as you watch my perfect body squeeze in and out of the clothes you wish you had a girl that would wear.  Well too fucking bad weirdo. Now stop staring at me!!

I'll make fun of you while you jerk that tiny dick...

Oh my gawd you're so fucking pathetic! Honestly, still jerking your cock at your age? Get out and get some pussy you fucking wimp! Oh wait...I forgot. Women don't want anything to do with you do they? Well, maybe that scrub up at the gas station. But, she's kind of fugly rite? lol...poor baby could never get a fine pussy like this one. So tight and so soft. Go ahead and cum I guess. After you're done, I hope you know I expect you to lick it off your disgusting fingers...

Not laughing with you...

That's correct my cute little stain, i'm laughing at you, not with you. I think it's hilarious that anyone, even you, could live the pathetic life that you do. Honestly, how do you even stand being in the same room with yourself? Uugh, I can't even imagine. I think it's funny too that even though I make a complete fool of you in this video, your creepy ass is gonna jerk your cock to it! How fucked up are you? wow...

Rubbing my perfect little pussy...

Hey losers check this out! You like it when I rub my tight little twat? You do? Well perfect, then you'll definitely bust your pathetic little nut watching me rub my perfect little pussy under my sexy panties. Plus, on top of being allowed to dribble the tiny bit of cum your itsy bitsy balls will hold, you also get to sleep well tonight, knowing that you've helped further the lifestyle that I love with your wallet! What more could you ask for?!

I'm no where NEAR done either. I have all these videos available right now inside my site for you to drool over!

They're all available inside my site.  The ones you can buy are limited right now to only a few, but I'll be adding more often.  You can wait, can't you loser boy?  I mean, shit if you need to see my videos, join my fucking site.  You can watch them all online.

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Cum On My Jeans Fag

Eat This Ass Boy

Me In Tight Jeans HD

Jerk Off On My Ass Loser

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You're Such A Fatty

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Humiliating You Jerking Off

God Stop Texting Me!

I Hate You So Much

Laughing At You Loser

Take This Cock Little Faggot

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You Just Do NOT Measure Up

Aww, Him A Mommas Boy

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Rubbing My Pussy

Riding A Bigger Dick Than Yours

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Spitting On Your Face

My Asshole Is So Tight & Sweet

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